About Us

Thrive is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and is the first paddle company in the world that hand weighs each individual paddle for 5 key measurements.  By knowing these exact measurements, it allows the player to add weight to areas of the paddle to produce top tier performance without the guesswork. 

Unlike other manufactures who list paddle weight, we focus on swing weight which is the most important number of a paddle.  Without knowing the exact swing weight, it is impossible to properly add weight to a paddle to maximize the Performance of the paddle.

Through our innovation and technology, our thermoformed paddles only use the finest materials to ensure the player with top tier performance. 

We believe that paddle customization is the future of pickleball and Thrive is committed to providing this to our customers.  As a company, we are constantly striving to produce new and innovative products that fulfill the needs of all levels of players.

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  • Grant Bond

  • Ryan Finley

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